Our Alaska Federal Regulations on seal and sea otter

A non-native cannot possess a tanned or raw hide until it is altered by   a AK native and made into a handicraft. Exporting the handicraft   out of the United States is illegal without obtaining a CITES permit obtained   by USFW. Which at this time the permit can cost up to $100 and can take   up to six months to process. I apologize for not being able to   sell outside the U.S.

Returns and exchanges

Every package includes insurance through usps mail.  And a delivery  confirmation number will be mailed to you so you can track the package.   If lost, a claim can be filed with the post office after 30 days  missing.  If your not happy with your item it can be exchanged or  refunded within 30 days, as long as it is not evident of wearing or  damaged.



All items under 3 OZ are shipped First Class shipping which takes a  delivery time of 7-10 days. If you need it faster, then I suggest  Priority USPS Mail which is insured and 3-6 days delivery time.  Please  remember that shipping around the holiday can be unpredictable, no  guarantees of delivery time. I do offer USPS express shipping. Please  contact me for additional pricing.


I accept credit cards and Paypal. If you are paying for a custom order, depending on the size and uniqueness of the item, 1/2 down maybe required. If your not in a hurry for an item, you can also mail a check or money order. Just send me an email to get an address.

Care for your Sea Otter and Seal

If either animal gets soiled, clean up is easy, as long as it's not  chewing gum...opps.  A slightly wet wash cloth with a tiny bit of dawn  soap works well.  Rub the soapy wash cloth over the spot then rinse the  wash cloth and wipe the spot again till clean.  Then hang to dry  naturally.  Keep fur away from heat at all times.  If otter gets wet,  wait till it dries and a cat brush fluffs it back into shape. For the  best insulation properties, keep clean and fluffy. As long as there is  not fabric involved with the garment, you can have a professional  furrier legally clean it.